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Guidance Department

Transition Programs

Grades 5 to 6

5th to 6th Grade Transition Program
The transition from elementary to middle school can be a difficult and stressful experience for students. At the Middle School, the counselor’s coordinates the elementary-to-middle-school transition program. Input from elementary counselors and from fourth-grade teachers at feeder schools is used in the effort. This program was developed to provide rising fifth-graders with information about the procedures and programs at our Middle Schools. The program consists of three components: Student Ambassador Program (SAP), visits to middle school by elementary students, and optional summer visit program. The Middle School Administration and Counseling Staff support all the programs with personal presentations and articulation meetings.

Student Ambassador Program (SAP)
Fifth-graders at the middle school are an integral part of the SAP program, which seeks to smooth the transition from fourth grade to middle school. Middle School fifth-graders, selected by their teachers, work with the fifth-grade counselor to provide an overview of Middle School for rising fourth-graders. The fifth-grade SAP participants visit classrooms at feeder elementary schools and discuss ways for fourth-graders to be successful at JWY Middle School.

Middle School Visits
Elementary school students also visit and tour JWU Middle School. Student members of the SAP program present aspects of middle school life to the visiting fourth-graders. At the end of the presentation, fifth-grade SAP participants take the fourth graders on a tour of some middle school classrooms.

Optional Summer Visits
In August each year, prior to the first day of school, incoming fifth-graders are invited to a visit at JWY Middle School. Learning to use lockers, as well as locating classroom is a particularly stressful experience for elementary students who are moving to middle school, so this program gives these new students an opportunity to come to school with their parents, obtain a locker number and combination, and have time to practice opening the locker with their parents. This practice alleviates many anxious moments on the first day of middle school.

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The 8th to 9th Grade Transition Program

Starting high school means learning the layout of a new building, getting to know new teachers, tougher academic requirements, more responsibilities, and exposure to greater social opportunities and risks. It is no wonder that students and parents feel a mix of emotions about the transition to high school. The journey begins today as we begin to consider what the BPP High School has to offer. Over the course of the student’s 8th Grade, we will embark on course scheduling and there will be opportunities for students and parents to see the high school first hand! At any point, please feel free to call with questions or schedule an appointment to discuss concerns in person.

Some Points to Think About

  • More courses to choose from
  • The chance to participate in extra-curricular activities and sports
  • More independence & responsibility
  • The chance to start planning for college and/or a career
  • The chance to meet new friends
  • The chance to meet new teachers

What are the 8 Keys to Success in High School?

  • Good attendance & good behavior
  • Positive attitude (building self-esteem)
  • Good work attitude
  • Time for studying & homework
  • Keeping organized (writing down your assignments)
  • Have a healthy lifestyle (eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, avoid harmful activities)
  • Have healthy relationships
  • Seek advice/guidance from adults (parents, teachers, school counselor, principal)
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