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Art Club

The Art Club is open to students in grades 3, 4, and 5.  Art club meets during lunch one day a week, and allows students to spend more time creating artwork.  For more information, please contact the art teacher.

Elementary Music Program

The major goals of the Elementary Music Program are to have the children explore and develop musical concept in rhythm, melody, harmony, form, musicianship, spatial awareness through dance, and music reading skills.  The following vocal and instrumental programs further enhance these goals:

  • Third Grade Recorders:  All students participate in the recorder program, as it is part of the 3rd grade music curriculum.  The use of recorders reinforces hand-eye coordination, initiates the fundamentals of note reading and musicianship, and develops the discipline necessary for playing any instrument.  The recorder program affords each child the opportunity to play a musical instrument, while developing self-confidence.
  • Fourth and Fifth Grade Chorus: Fourth and fifth grade chorus is the next stepping-stone in the development of the voice.  The goals of this program are to enhance the musical knowledge learned in 3rd grade chorus, and to increase music reading skills, to develop flexibility in the vocal range, to sing in two or three part harmony, to further develop leadership skills, and to focus on the performance skills of the group and its individual members.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in the Suffolk County Music Educators Festival, held in the spring, and many will be chosen to participate in the select All-District Chorus.

Fourth and Fifth Grade Chorus has 2 rehearsals per week: one rehearsal either before or after school, and one lunch period rehearsal.  Attendance and participation at each rehearsal and each concert is a mandatory requirement for this class.

Concert Attire:  Standard concert dress is as follows for all performing groups:
Ladies: white blouse, black skirt to the knee or longer, black dress shoes
Gentlemen: white dress shirt with collar, tie, black slacks, black dress shoes

  • Instrumental Music:  Our instrumental music program is conducted in grades 4-5, consisting of instruction on instruments of the child’s choice.  Because of the number of children interested and sincere in their desire to play, we are forced to schedule lessons throughout the entire school day with band and orchestra rehearsals before school.  Participation in the instrumental music program enriches a student’s school experience.  He or she learns not only the basics of music, but also the cooperation and discipline necessary to participate in a performing group.  Many students are chosen to participate in select performing groups such as the District-wide Elementary Band and Orchestra, and the Suffolk County Music Educators County-wide Elementary Festival held each spring.

Elementary Art

Students in all grade levels will have Art once a week, and they are expected to bring a smock to each class.  They will participate in curricular art projects, which fulfill the requirements outlined by the New York State Visual Arts Learning Standards.  The lessons are inspired by various cultures, artists, and resources from historical and contemporary time periods.  Students will create art through multi-media experiences in drawing, painting, sculpture, and textiles.

Mrs. Gayer's Art Website

Physical Education

All students attend physical education classes twice per week. Proper attire and footwear are required for safe and comfortable participation. Lessons include games, activities and skill practice aligned with both New York State and National Association for Sport and Physical Education standards. The curriculum is organized into K-2 and 3-5 concentrations. K-2 has a focus on manipulatives, movement education and body awareness, while 3-5 has more of a focus on traditional sports skills and fitness concepts. All grades participate in small and large group games, rope jumping, human formations, circus arts and field days. The common core is supported in PE through the use of vocabulary words, bulletin boards, skill cue posters and reading in lessons.
For more information please visit the Sylvan Avenue Physical Education website.


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