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Guidance Department

Counselor Duties/Services

General Services
Counselors at both Middle Schools are committed to providing the opportunity for services to all students. Below you will find specific services that are available to any student in either of our middle schools.

Crisis Intervention

Counselors are available for short term counseling as well as referral services.

Communication with Students

Our number one priority is working directly with our students, your children. We accomplish this in several ways: individually, in Small Groups, and in large groups (see specific grade level below for specific topics).


We encourage communication between home and school. Please feel free contact your child's counselor. We are also available for conferences and host parent programs.


We communicate with teachers during guidance team meetings, grade level meetings, and with individual teachers as needed.

Monitor Student Progress

As a middle school counseling department, we value the whole child; therefore, we monitor academic, behavioral, social/emotional, and/or career progress. In addition to avenues mentioned above, we are part of the school’s intervention and referral services.

Instructional Support Team (IST)

Each school has an intervention and/or referral program for at risk general education students who are experiencing personal, interpersonal or academic difficulties. IST is a multidisciplinary team that meets weekly to discuss any students that are experiencing difficulties.

Section 504

Please see our district web site for complete information on Section 504.

Grade Level Services (Developmental Guidance Program)

In addition to the general services mentioned above, the middle school counselors recognize the unique needs that present at each level. Below you will find the areas of emphasis for each year of middle school.

Grade 6: Getting To Know Others

• Introduction to Guidance and Middle School
• Peer Interactions
• Communication
• Career

Grade 7: Getting To Know Yourself

• Self-assessment/personality type
• Stress reduction
• Self-advocacy
• Career

Grade 8: Getting Ready for the Future

• Goal Setting
• Career
• Transition to High School

Scheduling/New Student Registration

New students are continuously joining our schools. Although the majority
of new students register during the summer, some will register throughout the school year. The new student and parents will meet with his or her counselor for an intake and tour. Students are invited to join new student groups to facilitate a smooth transition into our school system once they officially start.

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