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Science Fair

Blue Point Elementary School’s annual Science Fair takes place in the spring. It is designed to create a spark in students about science, and an appreciation for how important science is in our everyday lives. The Blue Point Gymnasium is transformed into an exhibition hall.  Throughout the school day the students view and share their projects.  Judges come to evaluate the projects and select winners to represent Blue Point Elementary School at the Brookhaven National Laboratory Science Fair!   After school, from 3:30-4:30, the students explain their research and their projects to visitors and find out which projects were selected for Brookhaven.  In addition to our school fair, SEED hosts an All-district Celebration of Science.  Our 5th grade students, as well as our Kindergarten through 4th grade winners from the Blue Point Elementary School Fair, will have their projects on display for friends and family members to see.  


Peer Leader Club


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