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 Kindergarten Grade 2
Grade 4
Grade 1
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Welcome to kindergarten at Academy Street Elementary School. Throughout the kindergarten year students grow, change and develop a sense of who they are as learners. Our curriculum provides tremendous opportunities for students in literacy development, mathematics, science, social studies, health and more.

It is our privilege to work with the youngest learners at Academy Street and we are excited about being a part of their education.

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Mrs. Celentano

Mrs. Katakofsky

Mrs. Zaleski

Bayport Blue Point Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

Grade 1

Take a look at what our first graders are learning this spring!

Literacy: In Reader's Workshop we are exploring fiction and taking a closer look at the characters.  We are rereading to find more information about our characters, take a closer look at their relationships and find out more.

Writing: Writer’s workshop is all about fiction! Students are creating their own fictional character and writing a series about him/her.  We are also working to elaborate with more details, twin sentences and adding in dialogue.

Math: Students continue to learn about addition and subtraction. Now we are focusing on adding and subtracting two-digit numbers. Drawing quick tens and ones, counting on from a larger number and writing on a place value chart are all helpful strategies for students as they increase their fluency.

Science: The human body is our main focus this spring. We learn about the different systems of the body, organs, their functions and keeping our bodies healthy.

Social Studies: Our community and maps will be explored throughout the upcoming weeks. Students will learn about community workers, the cardinal directions, the seven continents and important historical figures.

Dates to Remember:

May 12th- Plant Sale
May 25th- Fun Run
June 6th- Field Day


Mrs. Corso

Mrs. Rosado

Bayport Blue Point First Grade Curriculum Overview

Grade 2

Spring is here and Academy’s Second Grade sure is ready! We are studying weather and soon will be learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly! We are wrapping up our Fairytales and Fables Unit. We read a ton of fairytales, learned all about characteristics of a fairytale and even wrote our own Fractured Fairytales. For Math we are wrapping up our Geometry Unit and will soon begin Fractions. Spring has a lot of events so be sure to check your newsletter and district calendar for important dates!

Thank you,
The Second Grade Teachers

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Mrs. Schroeder

Ms. Tilden

Mrs. Abran

Bayport Blue Point Second Grade Curriculum Overview


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Grade 3

Third grade is an exciting place to be! Students learn many new things including cursive handwriting, multiplication and division, mapping skils, and communities of the world. Third grade is the year where students transform from little kids to big kids by the end of the year.

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Mrs. Latino

Mrs. Varghese

Mrs. Greco - Website

Bayport Blue Point Third Grade Curriculum Overview

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Grade 4

Fourth graders at Academy Street will be learning many new and exciting things this year.

In reading, we will read many types of genres while we work on reading skills to increase comprehension and fluency.  Additionally, we will strive to increase the students’ love of reading by incorporating high-interest novels into our reading series.  One particular author whom we will focus on throughout the year is Roald Dahl.  Students tend to truly enjoy his creativity and storytelling ability.

Our spelling and grammar programs are aligned with our McGraw-Hill reading series and the skills and lessons taught are strongly reinforced through our Writers’ Workshop program.

In Writers’ Workshop, we will be using the editing process to guide us through from pre-writing to publishing a variety of genres of writing. The workshop approach includes daily mini-lessons which teach the students different components of good writing such as strong leads, vivid details, and character development.  These components are modeled to the students through the reading of picture books that demonstrate the skills being focused on.
Students will be working with the district’s newly adopted math program, enVision MATH.  This program introduces and models lessons in math through the use of SMART board technology.  Students will even have access to the animated lessons and examples through the Internet at home with their own passwords.

In science, we will be studying crayfish, electrical circuits, plants, and simple machines.  We complete many hands-on activities to enhance students’ learning experiences.

In social studies, we learn about the history of our state of New York.  We begin with the journey of the earliest people and the first Eastern Woodland Native Americans.  From there we voyage into Colonial Times to see what life was like back then and how New York became a state in our great nation.  Students will also experience the American Revolution and learn about our local and state government.

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Mrs. Almskog

Mrs. Mikos

Mrs. Rall

Mrs. Thomson


Bayport Blue Point Fourth Grade Curriculum Overview

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Grade 5

Meet the teachers
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Mrs. Bree

August 23, 2017