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Taking Care of Teddy

Taking Care of Teddy photo
Taking Care of Teddy photo 2
In an effort to learn first-aid and safety tips, kindergarten students from Academy Street Elementary School were recently paid a visit from a representative of the Stony Brook Children’s Hospital for a Teddy Bear Clinic event. During the informative visit, the students paired up with their furry friends to learn the importance of wearing helmets and seatbelts while traveling, and were even able to apply bandages to their stuffed animals’ “injuries.”

Districtwide Accomplishments

Districtwide Accomplishments photo
Districtwide Accomplishments photo 2
The recent Bayport-Blue Point Board of Education meeting recognized the accomplishments of both students and staff members alike.

To begin the evenings recognitions, Academy Street Elementary School special education teacher Jennifer Crispo was named the Teacher of the Month for the month of February. 

She was met with words of praise from Bayport-Blue Point School District Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy P. Hearney for her accomplishment and presented with a bouquet of flowers courtesy of the Board of Education. 

According to a statement prepared by her colleagues, “Ms. Crispo has a wonderful rapport with her students as she genuinely cares about meeting the needs of all her unique learners. She works hard to modify curriculum, craft creative lessons, and use a variety of strategies to help her students understand content.”

Additionally, Bayport-Blue Point High School varsity wrestling coach Dave Cruz, along with assistant varsity wrestling coach Richard Reilly congratulated James Wilson Young Middle School student Max Gallagher and Bayport-Blue Point High School student Joe Sparacio for being named All-State Wrestlers. 

“Exceptional achievements are within reach when we stand tall on a foundation of personal integrity, hard work and unwavering determination,” said coach Cruz. “Max Gallagher and Joe Sparacio exhibited all three aspects to achieve All-State honors this season.”

Promoting Kindness

Promoting Kindness photo

The Bayport-Blue Point High School recently celebrated Peer Education Program Day, as members of the school organization visited a number of English and social studies classes throughout the building to share various lessons focusing on the power of connection and healthy communication. While visiting the classrooms, the students spoke about forging friendships and promoted antibullying techniques. Additionally, they engaged in a series of fun icebreaker activities, such as passing along an “energy stick” while holding hands in a circle and using nonverbal communication to line up in a certain order within the classroom.

Animal Experts

Animal Experts photo

Without having to take a train into Manhattan, fourth-grade students from Sylvan Avenue Elementary School were able to showcase their robust research during the school’s very own “Museum of Natural History” event.

The students spent weeks researching an animal of their choosing with assistance from library media specialist Susan Henke Brinkman, with the goal in mind of creating a detailed diorama based on their creatures. The dioramas shed light onto the selected animals’ environments and physical characteristics, showcasing magnificent representations of sharks, leopards, dolphins and peacocks. 

As a fun twist to the activity, first-grade students attended the “museum,” and the upperclassmen shared three fun facts about the animals along with information surrounding their native habitat. 

Accepting the Phantom Challenge

Accepting the Phantom Challenge photo

Bayport-Blue Point High School students were recently able to present tentative business ideas and products to district administration, board members and local business owners during the school’s fifth annual Phantom Challenge competition.

Throughout the course of the evening, the following students presented their innovative projects to the judges – Nikolai Dolan, Maddy Kirby, Jacob Lurie and Annie Zoller. 

The night’s top prize went to Jacob Lurie’s “MyRoomie App,” while Annie Zoller was declared runner-up with her “School Safety Stickers.” 

Jacob’s “MyRoomie App” is an application which helps pair college aged students with roommates that have similar study, social and emotional habits. Additionally, he created an algorithm that mathematically narrows down the likelihood that each student would be a perfect match. 

Annie’s “School Safety Stickers” were created in an effort to display important information on the outside of public buildings for first responders in the event of an emergency. The stickers can be customized to match the theme of the institution. 

Both Annie and Jacob received scholarship money from the Vinni Perri/Mike Marchan Scholarship Fund for their efforts, and Annie was kind enough to donate her proceeds to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida which served as the inspiration for her business.

Maddy Kirby’s “Desalination Water Bottle” and Nikolai Dolan’s “Solar Sails” were named second and third runners-up, respectively. 

The district congratulates all student participants for their fantastic projects.

Dining on Green Eggs and Ham

Dining on Green Eggs and Ham photo

In celebration of the birthday of renowned children’s author Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known by his pen name Dr. Seuss, students from Sylvan Avenue Elementary School recently took part in a collaborative literary activity in their classrooms.

Fourth-grade students enrolled in Ursula Camenzuli’s class met with their book buddies from Erin Miller’s first-grade class in an effort to teach the younger students about the popular literary works created by Dr. Seuss. The students highly enjoyed taking turns reading classics such as “The Cat in the Hat,” “Green Eggs and Ham” and “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” to one another. 

Prior to the conclusion of the collaborative event, the students filled out a work sheet asking them to create a series of rhyming words to be incorporated into a fun paragraph, mimicking Dr. Seuss’ popular style of writing.

Bayport-Blue Point High School Named Reward School

Bayport-Blue Point High School named Reward School photo
The district is thrilled to announce that the Bayport-Blue Point High School was recognized as a Reward School by the New York State Education Department.

In order to be recognized as a Reward School by the NYSED, a school must meet the standards of multiple criteria, including, but not limited to, a display of high achievement or high progress, impressive assessment scores and a stellar graduation rate.

“We are proud of this tremendous recognition and to once again be listed among other high achieving high schools in New York State,” said Bayport-Blue Point High School Principal Dr. Gaurav Passi. “Our students are held to high standards and they are nurtured and supported by our teachers and their families in reaching those expectations. As a result of the support they receive and the strong partnership that exists between the school and home, they consistently rise to perform at the highest of levels.”

“This is an honor that our entire community can celebrate,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy P. Hearney. “This recognition is truly a culmination of hard work, support and dedication from our students, staff, parents and school community. I would like to give a special congratulations and thank you to the staff, parents and community of the high school for all they do for the students of BBP.”

Bayport-Blue Point High School is joined by 24 other Long Island high schools in this prestigious category.

An Evening of Accomplishments

An Evening of Accomplishments photo
An Evening of Accomplishments photo 2
During the Feb. 26 Board of Education meeting, both staff members and students alike were met with praise for their recent accomplishments. 

To begin the night’s recognitions, the 32 Bayport-Blue Point High School Science Olympiad students who attended the regional tournament held on Jan. 26 at Ward Melville High School were presented with certificates courtesy of the Board of Education for their successful performance at the competition. The Science Olympiad A-team placed ninth, while the B-team placed 21st out of a total of 52 teams. According to co-advisers Steven Roach and Denise Kelly, 14 of the 15 A-team members and seven of 15 total B-team members earned at least one medal, while multiple teams went on to earn two medals during the competition.

Additionally, James Wilson Young Middle School health teacher Deborah Lena was named the Teacher of the Month for December, and was met with words of praise from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy P. Hearney along with a token of appreciation from the Board of Education. 

According to a prepared statement from Mrs. Lena’s colleagues, “Her candor and sincerity when her students ask tough, embarrassing questions is why they go to her with serious concerns, share personal difficulties and have said to her years later that her words stayed with them at critical moments.”

Let’s Go to China

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As a means of gaining a deeper understanding of the Chinese New Year, third-grade students from Blue Point Elementary School recently attended a culturally engaging in-school field trip, called “Let's Go to China.”

During her visit, presenter Patricia Shih provided the students with a number of facts and information surrounding the history, music, arts and culture of the country. The students also took part in a ribbon dancing activity, practiced the “rainbow” and “firework” techniques which go hand-in-hand with the traditional art form. Mrs. Shih then invited a select number of students to practice hand drums from various countries such as Kenya, the Middle Eastern region and China. 

Prior to the conclusion of the event, the students took part in a Chinese New Year Dragon parade, and were rewarded with "lucky" red envelopes as they successfully stated “Happy New Year” and “Thank You” in the Chinese language. 

A Healthy Body and Mind

A Healthy Body and Mind photo
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A Healthy Body and Mind photo 3
Students of all grade levels from Sylvan Avenue Elementary School were granted the opportunity to reduce their stress levels and practice mindful techniques during a recent yoga session held in the school’s gymnasium. With assistance from Marcus and Angela of the Medford-based Yoganomics studio, the students began with a simultaneous “Namaste” before engaging in popular yoga poses such as tabletop, sunrise/sunset and warrior. 

3D Printing Perfection

3D Printing Perfection photo

Fourth-and fifth-grade students enrolled in the Gifted and Talented Program at Academy Street Elementary School recently took part in a 3D-printing activity in which they created their own designs from scratch.

The young engineers first brainstormed amongst one another in order to create computer animated designs for characters using the online website, Tinkercad. The program is credited as being one of the most popular classroom tools for creating 3D simple designs from scratch, as students are able to quickly rearrange their tangram-style designs without hassle. 

Joining the students and program teacher Ellen Vlachos for the project was Bayport-Blue Point Public Library technology librarian Stephen Burg, who was on hand to teach the students about CAD and 3D printing. The students created animal-themed designs, such as a swan or the popular “Rocktopus,” which portrayed a rock-and-roll style octopus character.

In addition to their original creature designs, the fifth-grade students also designed logos to accompany their original 3D creations.  

Excellent Engineers

Excellent Engineers photo
Students from Academy Street Elementary School were recently treated to a special surprise held in the school’s cafeteria, as fourth-grade student Darby Kaler showcased her proficiency in engineering amongst her classmates and a number of staff members. 

Darby, who is a part of the FIRST Lego League team alongside a number of other district students, recently took part in a competition held at Huntington High School, competing against 190 other teams. Due to the successes of the “Brainstormers” team, they were able to secure a spot amongst the top 40 competitors, and will progress onto the next level of competition set to take place in March. 

During the presentation held in the school’s cafeteria, Darby, along with her parents/team coaches Eileen and Bob Kaler, showcased their bots to the attendees and presented background information that goes along with this year's space-oriented theme of "Into Orbit." 

Darby’s fourth-grade teacher Kimberly Rall was able to attend the team’s competition at Huntington High School, and reported that all involved did a phenomenal job presenting. 

Physical Fitness Fun

Physical Fitness Fun photo

As an extension of their class curriculum, students enrolled in the Flex physical education classes at Bayport-Blue Point High School recently took a field trip to the Inclusive Sports & Fitness Center located in Holbrook to engage in a series of physically engaging activities.

With their radiant positive attitudes on full display, the students participated in a vigorous 90-minute workout at the brand-new fitness center. Some of the activities they took part in included weight training, plyometrics, speed, agility, cardio fitness and group games. The students were led and trained by the ISF occupational therapists who also assist the school’s Flex physical education classes throughout the school year. 

“Each student was pushed to their limit and had a lot of fun,” said Bayport-Blue Point High School physical education teacher Tricia Livingston. 

According to their official website, ISF, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide skilled therapeutic, fitness and habilitation services that maximize a child's capacity to play sports and recreational activities.

Cultural Exchange

Cultural Exchange photo

In celebration of their semiannual cultural exchange event, Bayport-Blue Point High School’s Peer Education Program members recently welcomed friends from Amityville High School’s Warrior Awareness Club for a series of fun and friendly activities.

Upon their arrival, Amityville students were welcomed to the district with the help of Bayport-Blue Point High School’s Chamber Ensemble, which provided a lovely medley of music. Once gathered in the cafeteria, the two groups enjoyed catching up with their cross-district friends and the bagel breakfast provided. 

Joining social worker Elizabeth Alagna and special education/mathematics teacher Joy Schuster upstairs, the large group of students engaged in a series of ice breaker activities, including an engaging “Rock, Paper, Scissors” tournament. Bayport-Blue Point Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy Hearney also helped to greet the special guests and encouraged all students to engage in conversations in an effort to learn more about each other.  

Each Amityville High School student was then paired up with a Bayport-Blue Point student and they attended classes together throughout the day, mirroring Bayport-Blue Point High School’s visit to Amityville High School earlier this school year. The purpose of the cultural exchange event is to build new friendships and create bonds between students from different school districts. 

Penguin Power

Penguin Power photo

After spending an entire unit studying the lives of penguins, first-grade students from Academy Street Elementary School invited their family members to the school to celebrate their annual “Black and White Day” event.

The students were excited to show their special guests what they had learned about the highly interesting birds, as they showcased the numerous art projects and activity sheets they completed while working on the unit. The students classified the many different species of penguin, and even wrote a fact sheet devoted to the penguin of their choosing, naming their habitats, predators and some additional fun facts. 

Additionally, the students created penguin shaped hats which were worn during the special day, and placed all of their penguin-related research in special folders titled “All About Penguins.”

Spreading Kindness

Spreading Kindness photo
Spreading Kindness photo 2
In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Week, Sylvan Avenue Elementary School recently took part in a series of themed days to commemorate kind acts noticed throughout the course of the school day. 

As a fun challenge from school psychologist Dr. Peggy Gasper, students were asked to see if they could complete 100 acts of kindness in honor of the 100th day of school to be displayed in the main hallway’s bulletin board. The school surely displayed their acts of kindness, as well as more than 150 Kind Act Hearts were reported to have been collected during the course of the week. 

Examples of themes celebrated that week included Sports Day; Peace, Love and Kindness Day; Be Super Kind Superhero Day; Kindness Warms the Heart for Valentine’s Day and Cozy Up to Kindness Pajama Day. 

Additionally, the school participated in a schoolwide “Drop Everything and Read A Book” activity in which every class read a book about kindness at the same time to show unity and how important kindness is to Sylvan.

Family Wellness Night

Family Wellness Night photo
Family Wellness Night photo 2
As a means of promoting connections, the district launched its new community connections series with the district’s first Family Wellness Night. 

Joining dozens of district students along with her families within the Bayport-Blue Point High School cafeteria, the event was presented by district resident Dr. Gina Witt of osteopathic medicine. During the event, Dr. Witt displayed a highly informative PowerPoint presentation for the attendees, including stress-reducing information, breathing and meditation tactics. The students and their families enjoyed taking part in the abdominal breathing tactics suggested, as they were employed in an effort to promote courage, inner strength and balance to their daily lives. 

Dr. Witt also asked that the families take part in a daily activity in which they write down one thing that they are grateful for, and place these items in a jar to be opened at the end of the year. 

Prior to the conclusion of the event, attendees were provided with a helpful list of resources and web applications which could be utilized to assist in furthering mindful techniques and practices. 

The district would like to thank the Social-Emotional Task Force for making this event a possibility for all to enjoy. 

Hearts to Share


As a special Valentine’s Day activity, students from Melissa Zaleski’s kindergarten class recently met with their book buddies from Kimberly Rall’s fourth-grade class to take part in a Valentine’s Day math activity using conversation hearts. Utilizing the popular holiday-themed candy, the students applied their mathematical knowledge to add, subtract and count the pieces on their worksheets, ultimately arriving at conclusions as a team.

PS I Love You Day


In recognition of P.S. I Love You Day, the Bayport-Blue Point High School was recently filled with positive messages, uplifting attitudes and, most importantly, the color purple.

Throughout the course of the day, staff and students alike donned their purple attire in honor of the nationwide event, signifying the strong sense of inclusion and love that the day represents. Along the hallways, lockers were adorned with uplifting messages taped to their surface, reminding students that “You Are Loved” and “You Matter.” Additionally, a bagel breakfast and purple “P.S. I Love You” bracelets were available for purchase, with the proceeds going toward a scholarship fund and suicide prevention foundations.   

According to their website, the mission of P.S. I Love You, Inc., is to spread love in order to decrease bullying and promote mental health awareness. They strongly believe that by educating students earlier about mental health, this difficult conversation will be easier to discuss.

The district would like to thank science department Chairperson Nikki Restivo for her assistance in making this day a huge success which could be shared by all involved. 

Celebrating 100 Days of School

Celebrating 100 Days of School photo
Celebrating 100 Days of School photo 2
Celebrating 100 Days of School photo 3
In recognition of the 100th Day of School, students throughout the younger grade levels at Blue Point Elementary School recently celebrated the special day by dressing up in humorous ways to emulate the centennial occasion. Students were delighted to showcase their clothing which featured 100 items glued to their shirts, along with their adorable “elderly-themed” outfits.  

Valentines for Veterans

Valentines for Veterans photo
Valentines for Veterans photo 2
Valentines for Veterans photo 3
Valentines for Veterans photo 4
Valentines for Veterans photo 5
As a means of showing their appreciation toward those individuals who served the country, elementary and middle school students throughout the district recently created Valentines for Veterans as a part of Legislator Bill Lindsay’s Valentines for Veterans program. Once the students were done brainstorming ideas about what they would like to say to their veteran, they created beautiful cards and pictures to show how much the servicemen and women are truly loved and appreciated.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

The Mystery of Edwin Drood photo

The Bayport-Blue Point High School Music Department recently put on a dazzling performance of “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” for three consecutive evenings beginning on Feb. 7. Adapted from the final novel of the same name by Charles Dickens, the engaging story featured a different ending each night, as the novel was unfinished by the time Mr. Dickens passed away. The production was brought to life with assistance from director Jim Redding, who has been directing Bayport-Blue Point High School productions for more than two decades. 

Promoting Healthy Choices

Promoting Healthy Choices photo
In an effort to promote healthy lifestyle choices and a drug-free learning environment through means of positive exercises and community-driven activities, the Bayport-Blue Point School District recently partnered with the Great South Bay Coalition. 

Keeping in touch with the overall message of the coalition, a meet and greet event was held in late January, featuring a special presentation brought forward by Dr. Ronald M. Masera, Ed.D. on the impact of social media on youth’s mental health. 

“The Great South Bay Coalition is always thinking about the community, and more specifically, the students of Bayport-Blue Point,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy P. Hearney. “I truly value the partnership we have with them, and I look forward to working closely with the coalition on future projects.”

According to their website, The Great South Bay Coalition was established in 2014 with the goal in mind of promoting mental and physical health initiatives in an effort to reduce youth substance use. Due to their generous efforts, they will be funding initiatives for both the Sayville and Bayport-Blue Point school districts during the course of the next five years. 

Hitting the Runway

 Hitting the Runway photo

Eighth-grade students enrolled in Senor Vincent Rosa’s Spanish class at James Wilson Young Middle School recently “took to the runway” as they blended the world of fashion together with their commanding knowledge of the Spanish language. Split into small groups, the students took turns showcasing their outfits down the runway as their classmates described their eccentric patterns, materials and colors of their clothing choices in vivid detail in the Spanish language.

Lessons in Chinese Culture

Lessons in Chinese Culture photo

In celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration, third-grade students from Academy Street Elementary School recently attended a fun and interactive in-school field trip, titled "Let's Go to China.”

With assistance from presenter Patricia Shih, the students “explored” China as they were immersed in the history, music, arts and culture of the country. Additionally, Mrs. Shih allowed a number of students to participate in ribbon dancing and traditional Chinese instruments, such as the gong. 

Prior to the conclusion of the educational event, the students engaged in a Chinese New Year Dragon parade and were given "lucky" red envelopes as tokens of appreciation for their diligent work. 

Solar-powered S’mores

Solar-powered S’mores photo
Solar-powered S’mores photo 2
Solar-powered S’mores photo 3
In a fun and delicious activity, students enrolled in Jessica Armstrong’s, Anne Martino’s and Rochelle Petre’s sixth-grade science classes at James Wilson Young Middle School recently applied their scientific knowledge in order to design their very own “solar cooker.”

After spending a unit studying the benefits of using alternative energy and how it can best serve the planet, the students devised a solar cooker using a simple cardboard box, aluminum foil and plastic wrap, along with bits of newspaper serving as insulation. In order to successfully bake their tasty s’mores, the students’ ovens were required to increase in temperature by at least 50 degrees within a 10-minute time period in the lab setting. If the ovens didn’t reach that difference during testing, the students were asked to troubleshoot and adjust their designs in order to improve their results. 
The engineering design task was recently added to the district’s curriculum to better support the New York State Science Learning Standards that have recently been adopted by the state.

Helping Those In Need

Helping Those In Need photo
Helping Those In Need photo 2
In an effort to showcase their radiating generosity, James Wilson Young Middle School’s Eighth Grade Class Club conducted a sweatshirt drive for those in need of warm clothing this winter season.
With assistance from Ann McGuire, teacher-assistant at James Wilson Young Middle School who volunteers at the Patchogue Neighborhoods Soup Kitchen, the school was able to collect more than 100 sweatshirts that were distributed just in time for the cold winter temperatures. 

The district would like to thank the members of the Eighth Grade Class Club, and those in the community who helped to support this great cause.

Buzzing Toward Success

Buzzing Toward Success photo
Buzzing Toward Success photo 2
Buzzing Toward Success photo 3
Academy Street Elementary School recently hosted their annual Scripps Spelling Bee Competition, bringing together the fourth- and fifth-grade student champions from their respective classrooms for a morning of fun and friendly competition. By the end of the competition, fifth-grade student Julia McCormick claimed victory by successfully spelling the word “lustrous.” 

With Julia’s win secured, she will move onto the next round, which consists of an online test to be administered before Feb. 6. The results of the online test will become available on Feb. 12, and will ultimately determine if Julia moves on to the regional bee at St. Joseph’s College on March 20.

Second place went to fifth-grader Morgan Hughes, while fourth-grade student Emme Maiorano secured the third-place title. 

Engaging in Japanese Art

Engaging in Japanese Art photo

Students enrolled in Lauren Buckheit’s Studio Art class at Bayport-Blue Point High School recently drew inspiration from the traditional Japanese art form of printing fish, known as “Gyotaku,” in order to create their own pieces of art in the classroom.

Ms. Buckheit’s class paid homage to local fishermen by smoothing black or blue ink over all parts of the fish scales, and then transferred the impression of the fish onto rice paper. In order to complete their work, the students created a red “seal” by combining their initials with imagery to become a symbol to mark their work, similar to the practices of artists from Imperial Era Japan. 

Thanks to a generous donation from Seth Needelman of The Fish Store in Bayport, a number of fishes were donated for the class to recreate this technique which has been used by artists for thousands of years. 

Mr. Needelman will be receiving some of the student’s prints for The Fish Store as a token of appreciation, and Ms. Buckheit would like to acknowledge his generosity for making this project possible on behalf of her class and the Bayport-Blue Point Art Department.

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