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Board of Education Business Meeting Notice - May 21, 2019


Making Healthy Choices

Making Healthy Choices photo
Students enrolled in health classes at Bayport-Blue Point High School were recently given valuable information pertaining to the many dangers of using electronics nicotine delivery systems with assistance from Suffolk County Office of Health Education Representative Bonnie Anderson. During her presentation, Mrs. Anderson spoke to the students about why vaping is such a harmful habit, as it is all too often marketed as being fairly safe and is highly capable of drawing in young consumers with the multitude of flavors available. She also reinforced that the consumption of e-liquids coincides with a number of adverse physical health effects from prolonged usage, including dizziness, nausea and the high possibility of developing “Popcorn Lung.”

Waking Up Sleeping Beauty

Waking Up Sleeping Beauty photo

Fourth grade students enrolled in Victoria Latino’s class at Academy Street Elementary School recently put on two stunning performances of the classic fairytale “Sleeping Beauty” for both their families and the entire student body. After spending weeks rehearsing their lines and coordinating their dance routines, the students brought the performance to life with dazzling costumes, beautiful set designs and impressive vocal performances throughout the play. The district would like to thank both Mrs. Latino and retired educator Anthony Murphy for directing the production.

Community Accomplishments

Community Accomplishments photo
Community Accomplishments photo 2
Community Accomplishments photo 3
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The Bayport-Blue Point School District Board of Education celebrated a number of staff and student accomplishments during its May 7 meeting.
To begin the night’s recognitions, Bayport-Blue Point High School freshman Matthew Allen was thanked by the Board of Education for raising enough funds to plant the large tree which now resides in the front courtyard of Bayport-Blue Point High School. Matthew and his fellow Boy Scouts dug the hole and planted the tree with assistance from Director of Facilities Dennis Martin. 

Sylvan Avenue Elementary School third grade teacher Lori Mandracchia was acknowledged as the Teacher of the Month for the Month of April, and was met with words of praise from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy P. Hearney for her accomplishment. According to her colleagues, Mrs. Mandracchia is always invested in her students’ academic, social and behavioral growth throughout the year, reinforcing positive character traits and behaviors that model good citizenship along the way. 

James Wilson Young Middle School science teacher Erick Mueller was recognized as the Teacher of the Month for May due to his enthusiasm he displays for his content and his engaging classroom presence. Additionally, he is credited for bringing fun and entertaining multisensory activities into his classroom to enhance student learning. After Dr. Hearney spoke kind words on behalf of Mr. Mueller, he recognized the 14 James Wilson Young Middle School students who took part in this year’s Science Olympiad Competition. Along with technology teacher Robert Donarummo, Mr. Mueller serves as co-adviser to the accomplished team, who were just one spot shy of making the top 40 teams at this year’s competition. 

Penguin Pals

Penguin Pals photo
Due to a generous funding courtesy of the district’s SEED Foundation, first graders from Academy Street and Blue Point elementary schools recently took a field trip to Island 16 Cinema de Lux in Holtsville to see Disneynature’s “Penguins” movie. As the students are currently learning about aspects of penguins lives such as their natural habitat and daily routines, the film served as a fun supplement to their lessons.

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Recognizing Senior Residents

Recognizing Senior Residents photo

On April 30, the district hosted their 12th annual Senior Resident Recognition Dinner and Evening of Music in the Bayport-Blue Point High School cafeteria.

During the course of the event, senior residents of the Bayport-Blue Point community were treated to a special evening filled with delicious food, beautiful musical accompaniment and an exciting raffle courtesy of numerous donations from local businesses and school partnerships. 

Upon entering the cafeteria, the residents were offered a warm welcome from Bayport-Blue Board of Education President Michael Miller, Vice-President Brian Johnson and Bayport-Blue Point School District Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy P. Hearney. The sweet sounds of music filled the air due to the efforts of the James Wilson Young Middle School Jazz Band, Bayport-Blue Point High School Jazz Band and Bayport-Blue Point High School Vocal Jazz Choir. 

Catering was generously provided by The Fish Store and Cavanaugh’s, as the attendees lined up and were kindly served delicious meals by both staff and community members of the BBP community. To conclude the special evening, prizes were awarded during a raffle, including prize donations from Bayport Flower Houses, Harbor Crab, Parent-Teacher Associations from all educational buildings and the BBP SEED Foundation, to name a few. 

Expanding Cultural Knowledge

Expanding Cultural Knowledge photo
Expanding Cultural Knowledge photo 2
Expanding Cultural Knowledge photo 3
Expanding Cultural Knowledge photo 4
In coordination with their studies on geography and the cultures of other nations, third, fourth and fifth grade students from Blue Point Elementary School were recently paid a visit from Mike Harrold of Jambo Productions for a presentation about his world travels and the benefits of doing so. 

Mike Harrold, or “Mr. Mike” as the students called him, spoke to the attendees about his passion for traveling, as he has visited 85 countries to date, along with 49 of 50 states within the continental United States. Mr. Mike showcased his beautiful photographs to the students throughout his presentation, highlighting the cultural aspects of countries from Africa, Asia and South America, to name a few. Additionally, he brought along a scooter which was built in Thailand for all to see. 

The students were highly engaged throughout the duration of his presentation, and contributed their own travel stories to the conversation, expressing interest in visiting more foreign lands in the near future with their families.

Celebrating Science

Celebrating Science photo

District administrators, staff, students and family members recently gathered in the gymnasium of Bayport-Blue Point High School for the annual SEED-funded “Celebration of Science” event.

Throughout the course of the night, students’ excellent projects were showcased for the entire community, and awards were handed out based on creativity, innovative qualities and eco-friendly factors. 

Additionally, various clubs throughout the district, such as Academy Street Elementary School’s FIRST Lego League Team, were able to demonstrate their collaborative efforts to attendees. 

After viewing the different displays, students and their families were treated to a performance by a representative of Erik’s Reptile Adventures, who displayed a number of live animals and supplied scientific facts about their environments. 

The Bayport-Blue Point School District SEED Foundation is a nonprofit Students Educational Enrichment and Development program established to provide supplemental educational experiences to students that enrich and build upon the traditional classroom setting. 

Teaching Healthy Habits

Teaching Healthy Habits photo
Teaching Healthy Habits photo 2
Teaching Healthy Habits photo 3
In an effort to further enforce the dangers and consequences which go hand in hand with vaping, student-members from Bayport-Blue Point High School’s Peers Educating Peers Club recently visited with seventh graders from James Wilson Young Middle School to host the informative “Teens Teaching Teens: The Dangers of Vaping and Vaping Prevention” presentation. 

The high school students took turns speaking to the multiple negative effects which come about from inhaling the flavored smoke, such as decreased mood, popcorn lung, shortness of breath and inability to concentrate properly, amongst others. Additionally, the students reinforced the consequences that come about when caught with a vape pen at the high school level, such as extended suspensions and being barred from taking class trips. 

As an added activity, the seventh graders engaged in role-playing, where a mock scenario was presented before them and they used their creative talents to come up with the best way to refuse a vape pen from their friends based on what they learned. 

Committing to the Next Level

Committing to the Next Level photo
Committing to the Next Level photo 2
Committing to the Next Level photo 3
Committing to the Next Level photo 4
Committing to the Next Level photo 5
Due to their unwavering talents both on and off the field, two Bayport-Blue Point High School student-athletes recently signed letters of intent committing themselves to pursuing athletics at the collegiate level next fall during a ceremony held at Bayport-Blue Point High School. 

The district congratulates students Mike Kiefer (Chestnut Hill College/baseball) and Tyler Solomon (University of Bridgeport/baseball) for following their dreams and pursuing the next level of baseball. The two student-athletes have been playing baseball together since a young age, and are excited to further their athletic careers.

Recognizing Staff and Student Accomplishments

Recognizing Staff and Student Accomplishments photo
Both staff and students alike were met with praise during the April 9 Bayport-Blue Point School District Board of Education meeting.

To begin the night’s recognitions, Blue Point Elementary School first grade teacher Tammy Santora was named as March’s Teacher of the Month and was met with praise from both the Board of Education and community attendees alike. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy P. Hearney chose to not speak from a prepared statement, and instead spoke from the heart about how Mrs. Santora’s positive attitude, kind spirit and unique sense of style are key ingredients toward why she is so deserving of this award. Blue Point Elementary School Student Phoebe Brownie also addressed the attendees and shared her own heartfelt messages about why Mrs. Santora means so much to her. 

Additionally, Bayport-Blue Point High School 11th grade student Jillian Carson was congratulated for being selected as a National Gold Medal winner in the 2019 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for her original poem, “Lavender and Black Coffee.” Due to her success in this competition, Jillian will be honored alongside the other National Medal winners during a ceremony held at Carnegie Hall on June 6. 

Celebrating Citizenship Day

Celebrating Citizenship Day photo
Celebrating Citizenship Day photo 2
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Celebrating Citizenship Day photo 4
Celebrating Citizenship Day photo 5
Student volunteers from the Bayport-Blue Point High School Peers-to-Peers program, which is advised by David Johnson, recently came together to assist their community in various ways during the school’s annual Citizenship Day event. 

Throughout the course of the afternoon, upperclassmen worked alongside freshmen to make hundreds of sandwiches for the Bellport Boys & Girls Club, created dozens of toiletry baskets to be donated to benefit local veterans, planted gardens courtesy of donations from Bayport Flower Houses and cleaned up debris at Bayport Beach. 

Creating A Stress-Free Environment

Creating A Stress-Free Environment photo
Creating A Stress-Free Environment photo 2
Creating A Stress-Free Environment photo 3
In recognition of Wellness Week, physical education classes at the Bayport-Blue Point High School were recently transformed into designated areas where students could engage in mindful activities and techniques. With assistance from community resident Dr. Gina Witt, students took part in a mindfulness session in the wrestling room where they cleared their mind for a number of moments and engaged in helpful techniques which assisted with relieving stress. Additionally, the Peer Education Program Students facilitated conversations with their peers in small groups about stress, what their triggers are, and strategies they put in place when feeling stressed, ultimately creating a safe space for their peers to discuss important topics amongst one another. 

The Power of Poetry

The Power of Poetry
The Power of Poetry
The district would like to congratulate Bayport-Blue Point High School 11th-grade student Jillian Carson for being selected as a National Gold Medal winner in the 2019 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for her original poem, “Lavender and Black Coffee.”

According to Jillian, “Lavender and Black Coffee” speaks to the themes of family and life in general. Her love for poetry began at a young age; she began to write original works as early as the fourth grade.

Due to her success in this competition, Jillian will be honored alongside the other National Medal winners during a ceremony held at Carnegie Hall on June 6. 

Outcooking the Competition

Outcooking the Competition
Outcooking the Competition
The district congratulates Bayport-Blue Point High School student Todd Fehr for being part of the winning team to place in the top three in the American Culinary Federation Long Island Chapter’s “Ready Set Cook” High School Competition. 

During the competition, six teams of three students were paired with a professional adviser and were required to prepare a dish consisting of a whole chicken, vegetable side and carbohydrate component. After consulting with their adviser and amongst each other, the teams had one hour to prepare their dishes before presenting their final product to the judges for scoring. Each team was scored on key factors such as sanitation, organization, creativity, flavor and texture of their meals. 

The competition consisted of teams of culinary students from all three Long Island-based BOCES, as they challenged each other for the chance to win scholarships to the Culinary Institute of New York at Monroe College. Due to the team’s successes, Todd has earned the top prize of a $28,000 scholarship toward Monroe College located in the Bronx. 

In more recent news, Todd showcased his culinary skills at the SkillsUSA Regionals competition, where he took home a fourth-place win. Due to his excellent performance at the regional level, he has secured a spot in the statewide competition, set to take place April 24-26 in Syracuse, New York.

Top of the Class

Top of the Class
Top of the Class 2

The Bayport-Blue Point School District is thrilled to announce that Bayport-Blue Point High School students Maria Grande and Emily Phua have been named valedictorian and salutatorian for the 2018-19 school year, respectively. The students were selected for this honor based on their impressive academic records, devotion to success and commitment to higher learning.

Maria plans to pursue a degree in biology and is in the process of finalizing which college she will be attending next fall. During her time at Bayport-Blue Point High School, she was a member of the National Honor Society, Peers to Peers Program, Peer Education Program, Tri-M Music Honor Society and Science Olympiad, to name a few. Additionally, she took part in the annual school theater productions, Students Against Destructive Decisions seminars and contributed to homecoming float building.  

Emily will be pursuing a degree in the Spanish language at American University this fall, with aspirations of becoming a translator/interpreter. While at Bayport-Blue Point High School, she served as a member of the National Honor Society, Peer Education Program, Tri-M Music Honor Society, Students Against Destructive Decisions, Interact Club and Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, she holds a variety of musical accomplishments, and was captain of the golf team. 


Exploring the Rainforest

Exploring the Rainforest

Fifth-grade students from Blue Point Elementary School were recently paid a visit by Eric Powers, a representative of the Your Connection to Nature program, for a highly informative presentation which shed light onto the beauty and wonders of the world’s rainforests.

During the presentation, Mr. Powers provided an in-depth look into the importance of rainforests, which included a close-up look into the lives of the forests’ daily inhabitants, including the toucan, macaw, exotic caterpillars and sloths. 

He not only highlighted the wildlife of the rainforest, but also the multiple layers which make up their homes, including the emergent, canopy, understory and forest floor. Additionally, the students were able to observe and interact with some real-life animals, such as “Lovey” the dove, “Gangsta” the therapy dog, a Vietnamese stick insect and the red-tailed boa constrictor.

Maintaining Physical Fitness

In an effort to maintain the most up-to-date fitness programs and practices, staff members of the Bayport-Blue Point physical education department recently received training from Orange Theory Fitness Center head trainer Alicia Harris. During their visit, Ms. Harris trained the staff members in a variety of methods and innovative ways of using both the TRX and Concept II Rowers, which could be incorporated into the district’s physical education curriculum. 

Celebrating Chinese Culture


As a supplement to their social studies curriculum, third-graders enrolled in Theresa Stevens’ and Kristen Rang’s class at Blue Point Elementary School have been learning about China.

According to Ms. Stevens, this unit has been full of traditional stories, games, and customs that helped bring Chinese culture to life for the students. Topics discussed included geographical location, native languages, history, foods and the countries’ many achievements.  

Additionally, two students, Dillon Bowen and William Graham, applied their engineering skills to design a highly impressive replica of the Great Wall of China, receiving assistance from their classmates in order to bring it to life. To end the unit on Chinese culture, the class learned about chopsticks and practiced using them while eating rice and fried noodles.

Lessons on Criminal Justice


Student-members of the Bayport-Blue Point High School’s Debate Club recently took a field trip to the Cohalan Court Complex located in Central Islip in an effort to generate interest in a possible mock trial team.

During their visit, the students took a two-hour tour which included a description of the court room as offered by New York State Court Officer Evelyn Portes, Outreach Coordinator Kaitlyn Pickford and the Honorable Gaetan B. Lozito, Acting County Court Judge.

Additionally, all in attendance went into the holding cells for defendants and witnessed how they are brought into the court house by the Suffolk Sheriff's Department. Judge Lozito also made mention of how each discussion between the prosecution and defense attorney over bail mirrors the debate style utilized in the high school’s club.  

The 10 Debate Club students in attendance were joined by advisers John Limperatos and Sean Meade during the trip, and thanked them for affording them the opportunity to take this highly important field trip. 

World Language Week

James Wilson Young Middle School staff and students recently hosted World Language Week, in which they participated in a number of fun and educational activities to celebrate the many cultures and customs throughout the world. 

Senora Julie D’Andraia joined forces with the cafeteria and food services staff to bring the students lunches with some foreign flair, including beef taco bowls as well as pasta and a few other great dishes. 

Each morning during advisory, Anne Hansen-Crowley’s ENL students announced a greeting, including the day, date and weather over the PA, speaking in their native tongues of the Spanish, Urdu, Chinese and Italian languages. 

Senor Vincent Rosa challenged the students with his daily trivia questions. Due to their successful responses, the winners were declared as Ashley Oelcher, Cian Love, Mikey Luce and Taylor DiBiase. A contest was also featured where students had to guess how many “gomitas” (jellybeans) were in the jar, and sixth-grade student Henry Bosse was able to guess the correct amount.

Additionally, special slides were displayed on the televisions in the school lobby that encouraged World Language learning, and students discussed why it is so important to be multilingual during advisory. 

The Dangers of Vaping

The Dangers of Vaping photo
The Dangers of Vaping photo 2
The Dangers of Vaping photo 3
As a means of sharing best practices toward maintaining healthy lifestyle choices and avoiding detrimental activities, the district recently hosted a highly engaging assembly, “The Dangers of Vaping,” which was presented by John Martin, senior public health educator, Suffolk County Department of Health Services.

During Mr. Martin’s presentation, students of all ages and their parents were given valuable information regarding the harmful facts surrounding the highly addictive activity. Contrary to popular belief, e-cigarettes do not run solely on vapor, and contain microparticles and various chemicals which can lead to many forms of lung complications. Additionally, Mr. Martin ensured the attendees while the use of e-cigarettes isn’t quite as harmful as traditional cigarette usage, the various flavors offered still contain nicotine, formaldehyde and carcinogenic properties. 

Prior to the conclusion of the assembly, Mr. Martin selected a handful of student volunteers to come forward and showcase how easy it is to be tricked into trying an e-cigarette for the first time in a mock scenario.  

Taking Care of Teddy

Taking Care of Teddy photo
Taking Care of Teddy photo 2
In an effort to learn first-aid and safety tips, kindergarten students from Academy Street Elementary School were recently paid a visit from a representative of the Stony Brook Children’s Hospital for a Teddy Bear Clinic event. During the informative visit, the students paired up with their furry friends to learn the importance of wearing helmets and seatbelts while traveling, and were even able to apply bandages to their stuffed animals’ “injuries.”

Districtwide Accomplishments

Districtwide Accomplishments photo
Districtwide Accomplishments photo 2
The recent Bayport-Blue Point Board of Education meeting recognized the accomplishments of both students and staff members alike.

To begin the evenings recognitions, Academy Street Elementary School special education teacher Jennifer Crispo was named the Teacher of the Month for the month of February. 

She was met with words of praise from Bayport-Blue Point School District Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy P. Hearney for her accomplishment and presented with a bouquet of flowers courtesy of the Board of Education. 

According to a statement prepared by her colleagues, “Ms. Crispo has a wonderful rapport with her students as she genuinely cares about meeting the needs of all her unique learners. She works hard to modify curriculum, craft creative lessons, and use a variety of strategies to help her students understand content.”

Additionally, Bayport-Blue Point High School varsity wrestling coach Dave Cruz, along with assistant varsity wrestling coach Richard Reilly congratulated James Wilson Young Middle School student Max Gallagher and Bayport-Blue Point High School student Joe Sparacio for being named All-State Wrestlers. 

“Exceptional achievements are within reach when we stand tall on a foundation of personal integrity, hard work and unwavering determination,” said coach Cruz. “Max Gallagher and Joe Sparacio exhibited all three aspects to achieve All-State honors this season.”

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