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High Schoolers Say ‘Bonjour’ to Fifth Graders

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Juniors and seniors enrolled in French 4 and French 5/AP at Bayport-Blue Point High School recently visited the fifth grade classes at Academy Street Elementary School and Blue Point Elementary School, respectively.

Prior to the visits, all high school French students collaborated on personalized keepsake French books for each fifth grader, which included details about the students’ lives and favorite things. After sharing these books with the fifth graders, the juniors and seniors taught them some common phrases in French, such as “I like it,” “I don’t like it,” “please” and “thank you,” as well as vocabulary for a variety of food, sports and animals.

Before concluding their visits, the fifth graders were given the chance to sample the “Diabolo Menthe,” a popular French beverage, which is similar to a Shirley Temple but flavored with mint instead of grenadine. Students at both levels enjoyed this unique opportunity for collaborative cultural learning.

Black and white and waddling all over

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Joined by their family members, first graders in Luanne Rosado’s and Nicole Greco’s classes at Academy Street Elementary School recently celebrated “Black and White Day” to cap off their unit of study on penguins. Dressed head to toe in black and white, the students proudly presented their research on different penguin species, made penguin crafts, and performed songs about Antarctica.


Kindness Connects Sylvan Avenue Elementary

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This Valentine’s Day, Sylvan Avenue Elementary Schoolers spread the love by working together to create a schoolwide “kindness chain.” As part of Random Acts of Kindness Week, school psychologist Dr. Peggy Gasper and school social worker Brooke Yonick asked each class to write acts of kindness they had done and pledge to do on strips of paper, which they interlocked into a chain. All classes then gathered in the hallways to connect these into one giant chain, representing how kindness unifies Sylvan students.

Candy Hearts and Crazy Hats

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Spirited Blue Point Elementary School students celebrated Valentine’s Day in a big way, with a wealth of festivities at every grade level. In keeping with the district’s social-emotional “Energy Bus” initiative, Theresa Stevens and Kristen Rang’s third grade class participated in a confidence-building activity called “Love Your Passengers.” During this exercise, each student attached a paper heart to his or her back and their classmates took turns covering the hearts with positive character traits they would use to describe them. As part of their geometry unit, the second graders used math manipulatives to create valentine-themed images out of various shapes. Down in the kindergarten wing, Lindsey Dolan’s students took part in a matching activity in which they sorted candy hearts by color.

Not only was it Valentine’s Day, but it was also Crazy Hair/Hat Day at BPES. Throughout all of these activities, the elementary schoolers sported creative hairstyles and headpieces crafted with every material imaginable. This fun-filled day was the perfect way to lead the students into mid-winter recess.

Musical Marauders Take to the Stage

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Talented student actors, musicians and stage crew members in Bayport-Blue Point High School’s music department recently brought to life “Pirates of Penzance,” an 1879 comedic opera that tells the love story of a pirate and the daughter of a major-general. The community was welcomed for three separate performances of the show, all of which wowed them and kept them laughing.

According to Paul Weber, chairperson for the art and music department, "The production team congratulates the cast, pit orchestra and crew on another tremendous musical. The solo and ensemble vocal performances in this year's production were some of the most difficult and impressive displays of musicianship to grace the stage of Bayport-Blue High School's auditorium."

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