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Successes in the Spanish Language

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In an effort to help students build multilingual skills, fifth-graders at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School were recently visited by Bayport-Blue Point High School students from Melanie Vieira’s and Kerri McGuire’s Spanish 4 and 5 classes for a “Cultural Breakfast and Book Exchange,” an initiative sponsored by the SEED foundation. 

Throughout the course of the event, the fifth-graders were given the opportunity to showcase the books they made in their Spanish classes, and explain to the upperclassmen fun facts about themselves using the Spanish language. Additionally, a large feast was prepared for the students, and they were asked to place their order for such items as empanadas and mango nectar while using their newly adopted language skills. 

The exchange served as the conclusion of the Spanish portion of the Foreign Language Experience Program at Sylvan Elementary, which begins in grade 3 and continues through grade 5. 

“Our district is one of only a handful that offers an elementary level second language program,” said ESL/world languages teacher Sally Miller. “Not only is it beneficial for students, but they highly enjoy taking part in it as well.”

Both Academy Street Elementary School and Blue Point Elementary School hosted a similar event to this in December 2017. 

Presentation: Vaping and E-Cigarettes - April 25


Teacher of the Month

Teacher of the Month photo
The March 20 Bayport-Blue Point Board of Education meeting celebrated the recognition of Blue Point Elementary School kindergarten teacher Megan Leigh-Manuell as Teacher of the Month. 

“In her quiet and humble way, this teacher always goes above and beyond the boundaries of her duties and responsibilities,” said Blue Point Elementary School fourth-grade teacher Sandy Swan. “In addition, this teacher’s work ethic is truly admirable. We all know that it takes a very special person to be a kindergarten teacher, especially with the amount of heart and patience that she has. She has a wonderful rapport with her students and families, ensuring them that they are in safe, capable and nurturing hands as they begin their elementary journeys.”

A “Visit” to the Rainforest

A “Visit” to the Rainforest photo

In conjunction with their studies on the beauty and depth of the world’s rainforests, fifth-grade students at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School were visited by Eric Powers, a representative of the Your Connection to Nature program.

During the presentation, Mr. Powers provided an in-depth look into the importance of rainforests, which included a close-up look into the lives of the forests’ daily inhabitants. 

He not only highlighted the wildlife of the rainforest, but also the multiple layers which make up their homes, including the emergent, canopy, understory and forest floor. Additionally, the students were able to observe and interact with some real-life animals, such as the Vietnamese stick insect, a tarantula and the red-tailed boa constrictor.

Student of the Month

Student of the Month photo
Congratulations to Bayport-Blue Point High School student Louise Alvarez for being named March’s student of the month by the Sayville Rotary Club based on her outstanding academic achievements. 

“I have Louise in class this year, and from the first day I noticed that she was a responsible and mature student,” said Bayport-Blue Point High School science teacher Amity Baum-Tuccillo. “She always approaches me with questions or to get missing work and keeps on top of her academic life. Her marine biology notebook is beyond amazing; she uses her artistic skills and organizational skills to make the most beautiful set of notes I’ve ever seen.”

Louise is an active member of Keep Islip Clean and has become a committed member of the organization. Additionally, she recently spearheaded a collection drive at the high school through KIC, where she collected clothing and other household goods. Out of all the schools represented at KIC, BBPHS collected the largest amount of donations to provide for the drive.

Superior Writing Skills

Superior Writing Skills photo
The Bayport-Blue Point School District would like to congratulate three fifth-graders from Sylvan Avenue Elementary School for being named finalists in the Patchogue Elks Club annual essay contest.

As part of their social studies curriculum, the entire fifth grade wrote essays this past January surrounding the topic “Our Veterans, Our Heroes.” As a result of their entries, Kaelyn Walsh, Nicolette Diemer and Madison Philipson were named the first-place winner, first runner-up and third-place winner, respectively.

These students received a certificate from representatives of the Patchogue Elks Club, along with small tokens of appreciation for their efforts. 

A Celebrated Clarinetist

A Celebrated Clarinetist photo
At this year’s Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association Division II East Music Festival, James Wilson Young Middle School eighth-grade clarinetist Jessica Schaller was presented with a scholarship to further her musical studies.  

Jessica will be attending the Crane School of Music’s Youth Music Program at SUNY Potsdam this summer, where she will immerse herself in a robust two weeks of musical instruction. While there, her studies will include performing in band, chamber ensembles and chorus, as well as attending master classes and music theory classes.  

“It was a pleasure to be able to recommend Jessica for this scholarship, as she is an extremely talented clarinetist and vocalist who completely immerses herself in music,” said James Wilson Young Middle School music teacher Matthew Hurst.

Energy Performance Contract Presentations

As part of its commitment to ensure the proper allocation of district resources and remain fiscally responsible, the Bayport-Blue Point School District is currently exploring the feasibility of entering into an Energy Performance Contract. An EPC is a contractual lease agreement with an energy savings company whereby energy-efficient equipment is installed on district property in exchange for energy/cost savings. These savings could have a significant positive impact on the district’s annual expenses.

Click the links below to review the recent presentations on this topic.

Bayport PV Renderings


Energizing Lessons

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The third-grade students at Blue Point Elementary School are immersed in a new science unit focused on energy and have been spending time investigating the subject along with its many forms. 

Working in small groups, the students performed experiments designed to show that energy can change from potential to kinetic and back again. As visual demonstrations of the topic, the third-graders built their own roller coasters and measured the distance a toy car traveled after making its way down a ramp. 

They observed that an object moves slowest at the highest point, thus utilizing the least kinetic energy and most potential energy; and if a car’s stored energy increases, then the distance it travels will increase. 

Life-Saving Techniques

Life-Saving Techniques photo

Nineteen student-volunteers from Bayport-Blue Point High School recently took part in Stony Brook University’s Red Watch Band training course, a program that provides training on how to respond to alcohol-related emergencies alongside the completion of CPR/AED training.

“This group was particularly passionate about helping those around them,” said Krista Klicpera, Bayport-Blue Point High School science teacher and Students Against Destructive Decisions adviser. “It was inspiring to see them wanting to take action and be prepared to help if needed.”

All students involved were appreciative of the experience provided for them and were thankful to be afforded to opportunity to learn the proper techniques on how to save the lives of those in need of assistance. 

Celebrating Dr. Seuss

Celebrating Dr. Seuss photo

In celebration of Theodor Seuss Geisel, fifth-grade students from Bayport-Blue Point Elementary School’s Sylvan Avenue Elementary School recently collaborated with the kindergartners for some activities paying tribute to the popular children’s author, who is better known to most as “Dr. Seuss.”

The fifth-graders chose a book to read to their young friends in an effort to introduce them to the magical works of Dr. Seuss, including popular titles such as “Green Eggs and Ham,” “Horton Hears a Who!” and “The Cat in the Hat.”

At the conclusion of their readings, the students used their imagination during the artistic activity of creating their very own versions of green eggs and ham. 

Sixth Annual BBP-Athlon

Sixth Annual BBP-Athlon photo
The Bayport-Blue Point School District Wellness Committee is proud to announce that the sixth annual BBP-Athlon will take place on Saturday, April 14, 2018, beginning at Blue Point Elementary School at 8:45 a.m. 

This family-friendly event includes a three-mile bike ride followed by a .75 mile jog at the Blue Point Nature Preserve. Congratulations to Blue Point Elementary School fifth-grade student Shane Duerr and Academy Street Elementary School second-grade student Pressley Gierasch for winning this year’s T-shirt design contest.
Please click the following link to order your own T-shirt today in support of this wonderful community event -

Students Act with Compassion

Students Act with Compassion photo

Students of all grade levels at Bayport-Blue Point High School recently attended a highly important assembly about antibullying and mutual respect, as hosted by public speaker and Teen Truth President/CEO JC Pohl.

During his multi-layered presentation, Mr. Pohl suggested that students ask themselves what they can do on a daily basis in order to continue to cultivate a welcoming and prosperous learning environment. He offered valuable advice on how to deal with the pressures of everyday life before conducting a visual exercise aimed at showing the students that bullying is a topic experienced by many. 

In addition to being a talented public speaker, Mr. Pohl is also a gifted filmmaker, a talent he shared with the staff and students. During the assembly, Mr. Pohl showed his short film consisting of footage shot entirely by students who decided it was time to make a change in the world. The footage showcased high school students throughout the nation who, like many students nowadays, are discouraged by bullying and disrespectful actions toward one another. 

After viewing the film, the students were asked to reflect on how it made them feel as an individual and how they would become ambassadors for change in the world.

Immediately following the assembly program, Mr. Pohl joined the Bayport-Blue Point High School Student Leaders for a summit workshop. The program was hosted with the goal of achieving objectives such as developing a greater understanding of what it means to be a leader, and brainstorming student issues that are affecting school culture.

Mr. Pohl instilled in the students the phrase that a leader must act (A) with compassion (C) today (T), as the students confidently recited these words, which formulate Teen Truth’s mantra of A.C.T. 

A Thoughtful Donation

A Thoughtful Donation photo
A Thoughtful Donation photo 2
Bayport-Blue Point High School senior Dan Milazzo utilized his remarkable craftsmanship skills to create a beautiful wooden table, which he generously donated to the school’s guidance office. 

Dan spent weeks working under Eastern Suffolk BOCES welding instructor John Akers, carefully designing a proper layout and utilizing materials such as iron beams and wooden planks to form the completed table. The finished project was adorned with rustic iron beams as leg support, a gorgeous, lustrous finish and a plaque in the center of the tabletop which reads, “Designed, Built and Donated by Dan Milazzo - Bayport-Blue Point High School Class of 2018.”

After graduation in June, Dan plans to continue to fine-tune his craftsmanship skills, as he aspires to join the Ironworkers Union as a potential career path. 

He was joined by representatives of Eastern Suffolk BOCES, Bayport-Blue Point High School faculty and staff and his family members for a small reception held in the guidance office of Bayport-Blue Point High School to celebrate the completion of the table. 

JWY Middle School Sends Valentines to Veterans

JWY Middle School Sends Valentines to Veterans photo
James Wilson Young Middle School students and elementary students throughout the Bayport Blue Point School District recently worked to spread kindness as they participated in Legislator Bill Lindsay’s community initiative aimed to bring a message of gratitude to the nation's brave veterans and active service members.

 As part of the Valentines for Veterans Day initiative, BBP students created hundreds of cards for the cause. The students’ cards were added to those donated by other surrounding schools in the Legislator's district, which totaled 3,400. 

“I’d like to thank the local elementary, and middle schools that participated in crafting Valentine’s Day cards, and the eighteen veteran organizations, and active military posts who graciously agreed to distribute cards to their organizations,” said Legislator Lindsay. “It is incredibly important to bridge the gap between our youth and our veteran population. Suffolk County is home to the most veterans in New York State, and it is imperative to teach our youth that we must show them respect and gratitude for the sacrifices they’ve made for our country." 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy Hearney is a strong supporter of Legislator Lindsay’s community initiative. “Any project that combines service to others and provides an opportunity for our students to showcase their literary abilities is a remarkable initiative and we are so thankful that Legislator Bill Lindsay invited our district to participate in this year's Valentines for Vets project,” said Dr. Hearney.  “I commend our students for their outstanding efforts and contributions – as our three elementary schools and middle school donated between 500 and 600 Valentine’s Day cards for the cause. It is our collective hope that the recipients of these cards know that we are eternally grateful for their service to our country and are appreciated every day of the year.”

World Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Day photo
World Read Aloud Day photo 2
Fourth-graders from Ursula Camenzulli’s class at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School recently collaborated with first-grade students from Erin Miller’s class in celebration of World Read Aloud Day.

During the collaborative session, the fourth-graders read picture books to the younger students in an effort to get them excited about the many wonders of reading. In return, the first-graders read some of their pieces of writing aloud for all to hear. 

According to their website, every year on World Read Aloud Day people around the globe take time to read aloud together, share stories and advocate for literacy as a human right that belongs to all people. 
Bayport-Blue Point Eagle