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Exploring Canada

Exploring Canada

Students enrolled in French classes at the James Wilson Young Middle School recently traveled to Québec and Montreal. The four-day annual trip allows aims to expand the students’ cultural and civic awareness, their educational growth and give them the opportunity to practice their French.

After a lengthy bus ride, the students and their advisers safely arrived in Montréal to meet their tour guide at the hotel, and then engaged in several activities including climbing Mount Royal that is located in the middle of the city, and participating in a scavenger hunt that helped them learn more about the city.     

Among the stops in their historical tours was the Plains of Abraham, where the French were defeated by the English and where the fortress ruins still exist. Students also learned how to load a musket and perform surgery on wounded soldiers as if they were on the battlefield. Additionally, they witnessed the renewal of the military barrack that was seriously damaged by fire during 10 years ago.

The group enjoyed visiting the Montmorency Falls and the Canyon at Sainte-Anne especially as they walked down the canyon on the cable bridges. They also tasted the local delicacies such as meat pies (tourtière), pickled beets and fried pork skin at the “Sugar Shack” on L’île d’Orléans.

“With all the activities that were packed into the four days, some students felt they were away for a week,” said French teacher Gilles Desrochers. “These are only a few of the fulfilling adventures, but it is safe to say that the whole experience was fulfilling, eye-opening and allowed children to either solidify existing friendships and/or create new bonds. If past trips to Quebec are any indication, these children will be talking about their experiences for many years to come.”

Excellence in Mathematics

Excellence in Mathematics
Excellence in Mathematics 2
Excellence in Mathematics 3
The district would like to congratulate three Bayport-Blue Point High School mathletes for achieving the highest cumulative scores for their respective grade levels throughout the school year during Math League competitions. Throughout the 2018-19 school year, the following students earned the top scores for their respective grade levels – (l-r) Annelise Schreiber (freshman), Hunter Kramer (sophomore) and Doug McDonough (junior). Due to their achievements, the students were congratulated by adviser Connie Chiraz, and presented with tokens of appreciation for all of their hard work demonstrated this year. 

Valedictorian’s Luncheon 2019

Valedictorian’s Luncheon 2019
Suffolk County’s highest-achieving students from the Class of 2019 were honored by school district superintendents, administrators and parents during the Suffolk County School Superintendents Association’s 25th annual Valedictorian’s Luncheon, held at Villa Lombardi’s in Holbrook on May 30. Representing the Bayport-Blue Point School District were Class of 2019 Valedictorian Maria Grande, along with members of her family, Bayport-Blue Point High School Principal Dr. Gaurav Passi and Bayport-Blue Point School District Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy P. Hearney. During the ceremony, each valedictorian was called to the stage to be recognized, as it was also announced which universities they are planning to attend, along with their field of study. Congratulations, Maria! 

Spreading Positive Messages

Spreading Positive Messages
Spreading Positive Messages 2
Members of Bayport-Blue Point High School’s Peer Education Program recently paid a visit to the third and fourth grade Peer Mentors from Academy Street Elementary School in an effort to shed light onto the important program. During their visit, Academy’s Peer Mentors were given valuable insight as to how PEP students showcase leadership qualities, and learned that they can continue to be upstanders and spread the message of acceptance and positivity throughout their time in school. Additionally, the PEP students led the Peer Mentors in some fun games and answered any questions they had regarding PEP or being a high school student in general.

Safely Surfing the Internet

Safely Surfing the Internet photo
Safely Surfing the Internet photo 2
Safely Surfing the Internet photo 3
Fifth grade students throughout the district were recently visited by Suffolk County Police Officer Wendy Verlotte as she shed light onto the most up-to-date internet safety practices to be utilized on a daily basis. During her visit, Officer Verlotte informed the students how some people online may not be who they say they are, and provided the students with important tips on how to properly tell the difference between friends and complete strangers. Additionally, she stressed the importance of being kind to one another while using the internet, and to avoid cyber-bullying by all means.  

Running in Remembrance

Running in Remembrance

Third through fifth grade students at Academy Street Elementary School were recently joined by Bayport-Blue Point High School students and members of the community to celebrate the annual “Friends of Carly Fun Run” in honor of former Academy student Carly LeStrange.

After being cheered on by kindergarten through second grade students lining the front entrance of Academy Street Elementary School, students, staff and their families joined one another to jog around the high school track in an effort to get in some exercise on the beautiful day. 
This school year, the community raised $2,360 in honor of the Carly LeStrange Scholarship Fund, which is set to be awarded to a 2019 graduate of Bayport-Blue Point High School. 

Code of Conduct for Annual Review


Who’s Who in History?

Who’s Who in History

All fourth grade students from Sylvan Avenue Elementary School recently showcased in-depth research projects to attending family and friends during the inaugural “Who’s Who In History” event. After spending ample time researching a person in history that made a positive contribution toward society, the students created a Google Slide Presentation that included quotes and facts that would give the attendees clues as to who their chosen person was. All in attendance had a great time putting the information together in order to guess who the famous person was based on the clues provided by the students.

Celebrating Accomplishments

Celebrating Accomplishments
Celebrating Accomplishments 2
Celebrating Accomplishments 3
During the May 21 Bayport-Blue Point School District Board of Education meeting, students and staff were celebrated for a number of accomplishments. 

Elementary social worker Brooke Yonick and Blue Point Elementary School fourth grade teacher Kelly Newham were first honored for bringing their insightful ideas to the district’s social emotional curriculum. Due to their efforts, both staff members were presented with an award of recognition courtesy of the New York State Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development. The educators were met with words of praise from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy P. Hearney, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Theodore Fulton and Blue Point Elementary School Principal Tara Falasco for their accomplishment. 

A number of students spanning all elementary-level buildings and James Wilson Young Middle School were praised for their successful participation in the 2019 Suffolk PTA’s Reflections Contest, which focused on the theme of “Heroes Around Me.” According to their official website, the PTA Reflections Contest is known as one of the largest and oldest student recognitions in the arts, highlighting excellence in dance choreography, film, photography, music, literature and visual arts. 

Additionally, Bayport-Blue Point High School Principal Dr. Gaurav Passi called several Bayport-Blue Point High School students to be honored as summa cum laude students due to their impressive academic records which indicated a GPA of 96.5 or higher. The students were presented with tokens of appreciation for this highly impressive accomplishment and words of praise from Dr. Passi and fellow administrators

Taking the Next Step

Taking the Next Step
Taking the Next Step
Taking the Next Step
The district would like to congratulate a number of student-athletes from the Bayport-Blue Point High School for committing to attend some of the nation’s premier colleges and universities which participate in Division III athletics this upcoming fall. 

Congratulations to Shannon Carey (University of Saint Joseph/volleyball), Madi Casale (Ithaca College/softball), Emma Fiorentine (SUNY Oswego/volleyball), Isabella Imbo (SUNY Geneseo/volleyball), Connor Nilan (Stevens Institute of Technology/football), Kateri Sanseviro (Vassar College/lacrosse) and Jessica Travaglia (SUNY Oneonta/volleyball). 

The students were joined by their coaches, Bayport-Blue Point High School Principal Dr. Gaurav Passi and Director of Physical Education, Health and Interscholastic Sports Timothy Mullins for a celebration in the school’s Wall of Fame lobby. 

All aboard the Smile Train

All aboard the Smile Train photo

Students from Sylvan Avenue Elementary School in the Bayport-Blue Point School District recently celebrated “Things That Make Us Smile Week” to recognize Better Speech and Hearing month and raise awareness about communication disorders.

To raise school spirit and promote fundraising, the week’s themes consisted of Comfy Day, T-Shirt Day, How Many Smiles Can You Wear Day, Career Day and Crazy Hair Day. Additionally, the students were granted the opportunity to “Walk A Mile for A Smile” as they walked around the front of the school building, and safely duct taped school principal Alane Dougan to the wall in an effort to raise additional funds toward the Smile Train Organization. After the students finished up their turns, Superintendent of School’s Dr. Timothy P. Hearney applied the final piece of tape on Mrs. Dugan before she was suspended on the wall entirely.

The school is proud to have supported the efforts of the Smile Train and Better Speech and Hearing Month for more than 10 years. This year, staff and students have raised upward of $4,000 due to their successful fundraising, which will assist in granting hundreds of children with free cleft palette surgery. 

“We are extremely proud of our students, some of whom have so little but still manage to find ways to raise money,” said speech and language pathologist Christine Monahan. 

Since 1999, the Smile Train organization has provided free cleft palate surgery to more than 580,000 children who would have otherwise never received it. They have also helped train tens of thousands of medical professionals and have established programs in more than 75 countries.

Teacher of the Year

teacher of the year
Sylvan Avenue teacher Christine Monahan was named Teacher of the Year at the VFW Post 2813 Award Ceremony on May 19, 2019 by the Village of Patchogue, NYS Senate, NYS Assembly and Suffolk County Legislators.

VFW Post 2913 Award Ceremony
Pictured Left to right:
Paul Pontieri, Village of Patchogue Mayor
Susan Henke Brinkman, Village of Patchogue Trustee & Sylvan LMS
Christine Monahan, Teacher of the Year
Dave Rogers, VFW Post 2913 Commander
Monica Martinez, New York State Senator
Joe DeStefano, New York State Assemblyman
Rob Calarco, Suffolk County Legislator

Bayport-Blue Point Budget Results

vote slide
The Budget Has Passed. Thank You.
Yes- 805
No - 272

Proposition #2 Has Passed.
Yes- 694
No- 368

Budget Trustee Election:
Seat 1: Jason Borowski (672)*
Seat 2:  Brian Johnson (831)*
Seat 3: John Kroog (626)* and Alex Wellems (292)


El presupuesto ha sido aprobado. Gracias.

La Proposición # 2 ha sido aprobada.

Junta Fiduciaria electoral:
Asiento 1: Jason Borowski (672)*
Asiento 2:  Brian Johnson (831)*
Asiento 3: John Kroog (626)* and Alex Wellems (292)

* elegidos

Making Healthy Choices

Making Healthy Choices photo
Students enrolled in health classes at Bayport-Blue Point High School were recently given valuable information pertaining to the many dangers of using electronics nicotine delivery systems with assistance from Suffolk County Office of Health Education Representative Bonnie Anderson. During her presentation, Mrs. Anderson spoke to the students about why vaping is such a harmful habit, as it is all too often marketed as being fairly safe and is highly capable of drawing in young consumers with the multitude of flavors available. She also reinforced that the consumption of e-liquids coincides with a number of adverse physical health effects from prolonged usage, including dizziness, nausea and the high possibility of developing “Popcorn Lung.”

Waking Up Sleeping Beauty

Waking Up Sleeping Beauty photo

Fourth grade students enrolled in Victoria Latino’s class at Academy Street Elementary School recently put on two stunning performances of the classic fairytale “Sleeping Beauty” for both their families and the entire student body. After spending weeks rehearsing their lines and coordinating their dance routines, the students brought the performance to life with dazzling costumes, beautiful set designs and impressive vocal performances throughout the play. The district would like to thank both Mrs. Latino and retired educator Anthony Murphy for directing the production.

Community Accomplishments

Community Accomplishments photo
Community Accomplishments photo 2
Community Accomplishments photo 3
Community Accomplishments photo 4
The Bayport-Blue Point School District Board of Education celebrated a number of staff and student accomplishments during its May 7 meeting.
To begin the night’s recognitions, Bayport-Blue Point High School freshman Matthew Allen was thanked by the Board of Education for raising enough funds to plant the large tree which now resides in the front courtyard of Bayport-Blue Point High School. Matthew and his fellow Boy Scouts dug the hole and planted the tree with assistance from Director of Facilities Dennis Martin. 

Sylvan Avenue Elementary School third grade teacher Lori Mandracchia was acknowledged as the Teacher of the Month for the Month of April, and was met with words of praise from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy P. Hearney for her accomplishment. According to her colleagues, Mrs. Mandracchia is always invested in her students’ academic, social and behavioral growth throughout the year, reinforcing positive character traits and behaviors that model good citizenship along the way. 

James Wilson Young Middle School science teacher Erick Mueller was recognized as the Teacher of the Month for May due to his enthusiasm he displays for his content and his engaging classroom presence. Additionally, he is credited for bringing fun and entertaining multisensory activities into his classroom to enhance student learning. After Dr. Hearney spoke kind words on behalf of Mr. Mueller, he recognized the 14 James Wilson Young Middle School students who took part in this year’s Science Olympiad Competition. Along with technology teacher Robert Donarummo, Mr. Mueller serves as co-adviser to the accomplished team, who were just one spot shy of making the top 40 teams at this year’s competition. 

Penguin Pals

Penguin Pals photo
Due to a generous funding courtesy of the district’s SEED Foundation, first graders from Academy Street and Blue Point elementary schools recently took a field trip to Island 16 Cinema de Lux in Holtsville to see Disneynature’s “Penguins” movie. As the students are currently learning about aspects of penguins lives such as their natural habitat and daily routines, the film served as a fun supplement to their lessons.

Recognizing Senior Residents

Recognizing Senior Residents photo

On April 30, the district hosted their 12th annual Senior Resident Recognition Dinner and Evening of Music in the Bayport-Blue Point High School cafeteria.

During the course of the event, senior residents of the Bayport-Blue Point community were treated to a special evening filled with delicious food, beautiful musical accompaniment and an exciting raffle courtesy of numerous donations from local businesses and school partnerships. 

Upon entering the cafeteria, the residents were offered a warm welcome from Bayport-Blue Board of Education President Michael Miller, Vice-President Brian Johnson and Bayport-Blue Point School District Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy P. Hearney. The sweet sounds of music filled the air due to the efforts of the James Wilson Young Middle School Jazz Band, Bayport-Blue Point High School Jazz Band and Bayport-Blue Point High School Vocal Jazz Choir. 

Catering was generously provided by The Fish Store and Cavanaugh’s, as the attendees lined up and were kindly served delicious meals by both staff and community members of the BBP community. To conclude the special evening, prizes were awarded during a raffle, including prize donations from Bayport Flower Houses, Harbor Crab, Parent-Teacher Associations from all educational buildings and the BBP SEED Foundation, to name a few. 

Expanding Cultural Knowledge

Expanding Cultural Knowledge photo
Expanding Cultural Knowledge photo 2
Expanding Cultural Knowledge photo 3
Expanding Cultural Knowledge photo 4
In coordination with their studies on geography and the cultures of other nations, third, fourth and fifth grade students from Blue Point Elementary School were recently paid a visit from Mike Harrold of Jambo Productions for a presentation about his world travels and the benefits of doing so. 

Mike Harrold, or “Mr. Mike” as the students called him, spoke to the attendees about his passion for traveling, as he has visited 85 countries to date, along with 49 of 50 states within the continental United States. Mr. Mike showcased his beautiful photographs to the students throughout his presentation, highlighting the cultural aspects of countries from Africa, Asia and South America, to name a few. Additionally, he brought along a scooter which was built in Thailand for all to see. 

The students were highly engaged throughout the duration of his presentation, and contributed their own travel stories to the conversation, expressing interest in visiting more foreign lands in the near future with their families.

Celebrating Science

Celebrating Science photo

District administrators, staff, students and family members recently gathered in the gymnasium of Bayport-Blue Point High School for the annual SEED-funded “Celebration of Science” event.

Throughout the course of the night, students’ excellent projects were showcased for the entire community, and awards were handed out based on creativity, innovative qualities and eco-friendly factors. 

Additionally, various clubs throughout the district, such as Academy Street Elementary School’s FIRST Lego League Team, were able to demonstrate their collaborative efforts to attendees. 

After viewing the different displays, students and their families were treated to a performance by a representative of Erik’s Reptile Adventures, who displayed a number of live animals and supplied scientific facts about their environments. 

The Bayport-Blue Point School District SEED Foundation is a nonprofit Students Educational Enrichment and Development program established to provide supplemental educational experiences to students that enrich and build upon the traditional classroom setting. 

Teaching Healthy Habits

Teaching Healthy Habits photo
Teaching Healthy Habits photo 2
Teaching Healthy Habits photo 3
In an effort to further enforce the dangers and consequences which go hand in hand with vaping, student-members from Bayport-Blue Point High School’s Peers Educating Peers Club recently visited with seventh graders from James Wilson Young Middle School to host the informative “Teens Teaching Teens: The Dangers of Vaping and Vaping Prevention” presentation. 

The high school students took turns speaking to the multiple negative effects which come about from inhaling the flavored smoke, such as decreased mood, popcorn lung, shortness of breath and inability to concentrate properly, amongst others. Additionally, the students reinforced the consequences that come about when caught with a vape pen at the high school level, such as extended suspensions and being barred from taking class trips. 

As an added activity, the seventh graders engaged in role-playing, where a mock scenario was presented before them and they used their creative talents to come up with the best way to refuse a vape pen from their friends based on what they learned. 

Committing to the Next Level

Committing to the Next Level photo
Committing to the Next Level photo 2
Committing to the Next Level photo 3
Committing to the Next Level photo 4
Committing to the Next Level photo 5
Due to their unwavering talents both on and off the field, two Bayport-Blue Point High School student-athletes recently signed letters of intent committing themselves to pursuing athletics at the collegiate level next fall during a ceremony held at Bayport-Blue Point High School. 

The district congratulates students Mike Kiefer (Chestnut Hill College/baseball) and Tyler Solomon (University of Bridgeport/baseball) for following their dreams and pursuing the next level of baseball. The two student-athletes have been playing baseball together since a young age, and are excited to further their athletic careers.
Bayport-Blue Point Eagle