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Notice of Executive Session - April 6, 2020 via Teleconference



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In February, Sylvan Avenue Elementary School rolled out the red carpet for a “book awards ceremony” to culminate the second grade’s reading and writing unit. Outfitted in their fanciest attire, the second graders wrote letters to faculty judges to nominate books they had read for various accolades, including the “Keep the Tissue Box Close Award,” “Best Action Book,” and the “Makes You Want to Jump in the Book Award.” After the book awards were presented, the students also read each other’s writing pieces that they had been working hard on throughout the unit.

Students with Disabilities: Parent Consent Update for Distance Learning and Telepractice

The District intends to administer special education and related services remotely through Distance Learning which may involve video teaching and/or telepractice. If your child accesses services through video teaching and/or telepractice, the District shall consider such access as your consent to receive services through that modality. Any parent who does not agree to receiving services through that modality should contact Natalie Doyle at If you do not consent to the use of video teaching and/or telepractice, your child will be provided instruction in an alternative format, such as through written instructional materials or telephone consults. We ask all students and family members to be respectful of the privacy interests of other students. As a result, where possible, students participating in group services should attempt to do so from a location which cannot be observed by others. To the extent that family members observe the delivery of instruction to other students, we ask that you respect the privacy of the other students and not disclose personal information about any student to any third party.
El Distrito tiene la intención de administrar la educación especial y los servicios relacionados de forma remota a través de la educación a distancia, que puede incluir la enseñanza de video y / o telepráctica. Si su hijo accede a los servicios mediante video enseñanza y / o telepráctica, el Distrito considerará dicho acceso como su consentimiento para recibir servicios a través de esa modalidad. Cualquier padre que no acepte recibir servicios a través de esa modalidad debe comunicarse con Natalie Doyle, Administradora de Servicios de Personal para Alumnos, a
Si no acepta el uso de la enseñanza en video y / o la telepráctica, se le proporcionará a su hijo instrucción en un formato alternativo, tal como a través de materiales de instrucción escritos o consultas telefónicas. Pedimos a todos los estudiantes y miembros de la familia que respeten los intereses de privacidad de otros estudiantes. Como resultado, cuando sea posible, los estudiantes que participan en servicios grupales deberían intentar hacerlo desde un lugar que otros no puedan observar. En la medida en que los miembros de la familia observen la entrega de instrucción a otros estudiantes, le pedimos que respete la privacidad de los otros estudiantes y que no revele información personal sobre ningún estudiante a terceros.

Social Distance Spirit Week

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From March 23 to March 27, the BBP community participated in the district’s Social Distance Spirit Week, showcasing their BBP spirit from home by dressing up for Pajama Day, Crazy Hair Day, Twin Day, Jersey Day and Fitness Friday! For more photos from Social Distance Spirit Week, visit the district’s Twitter page:

New York State Assessment Information Night


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