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ConGRADulations to the Class of 2021

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On June 25, 194 students closed the chapter on their high school careers as they graduated from Bayport-Blue Point High School. Proud family and friends joined the district’s board of education, administration and staff on the school football field to witness the commencement of the class of 2021.

The ceremony began with the delivery of congratulatory addresses by principal Robert Haas, board of education president Michael Miller, and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy P. Hearney. Principal Haas then presented the Alumni Loyalty Award, which is traditionally given to one graduating senior who shows exceptional character throughout his or her high school career. This year, however, the honor was granted to the entire class of 2021, as Haas remarked that each and every member of the graduating class has fit this criteria.

Class salutatorian Cecily Phua then delivered the salutatory address, a thoughtful speech that focused on the importance of striking a balance in one’s academic and personal life. This was followed by the valedictory address, in which valedictorian Lindsay Lessing spoke eloquently about the distinction between “falling” and “failing.”

Principal Haas then returned to the stage to recognize the students who had earned honor medallions, and to deliver special recognitions. This category included those who have chosen to serve our country in a branch of the U.S. Military upon graduation, which received a standing ovation from the crowd. Prior to the individual presentation of their diplomas, senior members of the Bayport-Blue Point High School chorus then performed a moving rendition of “Vienna” by Billy Joel, instilling a palpable sense of nostalgia. At the conclusion of the ceremony, class president Madison Coffey addressed her peers led them in moving their tassels from the right to the left, officially signifying their conferral of their high school degrees.

Bayport-Blue Point School District congratulates the entire class of 2021 on their graduation from Bayport-Blue Point High School, wishing them nothing but happiness and success as they move forward in their individual journeys.

Recognizing Student Excellence

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Bayport-Blue Point School District congratulates the following students who were honored at a series of the district’s board of education meetings for their accomplishments.

Summa Cum Laude Graduates (earned by achieving a 96.5 or greater overall weighted
high school average):
Ciara Alicea
Jack Armstrong
Bryanne Baldassarre
Sagarbir Bandesha
Sophia Carroll
Sofia Cetina
Madison Coffey
Josephine Cristiano
Grace Dean
Ciara Dungate
Luke Farley
Colin Feddern
Gabriella Festa
Cali Frabizio
Ashley Friscia
Amelia Fuller
Emma Galanti
Nicholas Greco
Rebecca Hoek
Robert Honey
Victoria Huggins
Haley Jenner
Frank Jones
Yash Kapoor
Hunter Kramer
Gia Lanteri
Lindsay Lessing
Madison McCurdy
Stephanie McDonough
Shannon McMahon
Caroline Moller
Alexis Niblock
Cecily Phua
Jennifer Prescott
Haley Prisinzano
Isabella Rose
Adelaina Salaway
Emaan Shah
Colin Somers
Colin Strain
Tyler Teufel
Alexis Valerius
Michael Verdecanna

Eagle Scouts:
Robert Honey
Ricky Stafford
Tyler Teufel
Alfonso Zavala
Joshua Trent
Daniel Woods

Student Delegate to the Board of Education:
Robert Honey

Selected for the Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association’s All-County Music Festival:
Joseph Watson Chorus
Harrison Farley Chorus
Willem Adams-Cain Trumpet/Cornet
Anthony Valder Trumpet/Cornet
Anna Forman Violin
Megan McCarthy Chorus
Olivia Farrell Chorus
Lianna McCormack Oboe
Zane Chirco Trombone
Lily Castka Flute
Kieran Diemer Violin
Morgan Coffey Chorus
Kaylee Doris Chorus
Lily Forman Bb Clarinet
Alexander Cavuto Alto Sax
Ryan Iebba French Horn
Sierra Elrose Violin
Mia McCormack Chorus
J.T. Swan Chorus
Brendan Mattimore Trombone
Alexander Valder Flute
Jack Raymond Baritone
Riley Brown Band
Noah Salata Orchestra
Cole Gibson Chorus
Gabriel Ross Chorus
Cynthia Torre Orchestra
James Buchanan Band
Ryan Mattimore Orchestra
Sam Stenzinger Chorus
Robert Newbeck Orchestra
Zoe Saliani Orchestra

Selected for the Suffolk County Music Educators Association’s All-County Jazz Ensemble:
Colin Feddern - Trumpet HS Instrumental Jazz
Katie D'Ambrosio - Soprano HS Vocal Jazz
Airlea Deutscher - Soprano HS Vocal Jazz
Sam Stenzinger - Tenor HS Vocal Jazz
Logan Cirone - Bass HS Vocal Jazz
Cole Gibson - Baritone MS Vocal Jazz
Parker Farley - Baritone MS Vocal Jazz
Brendan Mattimore - Trombone MS Instrumental Jazz

Recognizing Retirees

Photo Collage of Recently Retired Teachers thumbnail187794
The following employees have recently retired from their positions at the Bayport-Blue Point School District and were honored by the principals of their respective schools at a recent board of education meeting. Bayport-Blue Point School District wholeheartedly thanks each of these individuals for their dedicated service and exceptional contributions to the BBP community, wishing them the utmost happiness as they transition to this new stage of life.

Beverly Santorello
Lori Yates
Patricia Caminiti
Patricia Lapp
Valerie Melhado
Therese Blake
Alyson Worthington
Diana Uebelacker
Linda Cohen
Rosemary Walden
Marianne Perna
Jane Jacoby
Donna Verdone
Ann McGuire
Erick Muller
Steven Marino
George Edwards
Laura Fasani
Loretta Rupert

‘Moving up’ at BBP

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On June 23, Bayport-Blue Point School District’s Academy Street Elementary School, Blue Point Elementary School and Sylvan Avenue Elementary School each held its own “moving up ceremony,” recognizing the schools’ fifth graders as they advance to James Wilson Young Middle School. The middle school also held its own ceremony on the same day, graduating its eighth graders that will head to Bayport-Blue Point High School come fall. Each ceremony was attended by proud family members and featured award presentations, musical performances and congratulatory speeches by the school principals.

Bayport-Blue Point School District congratulates all of the elementary schoolers and middle schoolers who have now “moved up” and wishes them much success as they continue their educational journeys at Bayport-Blue Point.

Applauding Accomplished Artists and Authors

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Group photo with Assistant Superintendent thumbnail187640
Group photo with contest winner thumbnail187641
Contest winner holding up Peace art thumbnail187642
Peace art thumbnail187644
Bayport-Blue Point School District proudly congratulates the following students who recently won contests for their work in the visual, literary or performance arts:

PTA Reflections Contest Winners

Sylvan Avenue Elementary School
* Arlen Coverdale
* Scarlett Iebba
* Sophia Johnson
* Camryn Bruckner
* Kyle Bruckner
* Charlotte Johnson
* Sydney Zwaik
* Kiera McCormack

James Wilson Young Middle School
* Jackson Zwaik
* Shlock Parekh
* Lianna McCormack
* London Sawaya
* Ryan Iebba
* Colin Shaw
* Mia McCormack

Sagtikos Manor 2021 Spring Story Contest Winner
* Angela Cavuto (Academy Street Elementary School)

Great South Bay Lions Club International Peace Poster Contest Winner
* Nicolette Diemer (James Wilson Young Middle School)
Bayport-Blue Point Eagle