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For the Heart, From the Heart

Two Masked Students Holding Up an American Heart Association
The student body at Academy Street Elementary recently raised an astonishing $13,950.14 for the American Heart Association through the Kids Heart Challenge. The school’s top two fundraisers were third graders Troy Collotta and Max Cardillo, who raised $2,384.92 and $1,754.81, respectively. As part of this challenge, Academy students also learned about heart health and worked on their jump rope skills during each physical education class for an entire month. Bayport-Blue Point School District applauds Academy Street Elementary School for their outstanding commitment to this important cause.

Hooray for National Kindergarten Day

National Kindergarten Day graphic and photo of student sitting socially distant outside thumbnail183186
Kindergartners in Lauren Esposito’s class at Sylvan Avenue Elementary School recently ventured outdoors to create watercolor paintings portraying the spring scenery. This hands-on activity was a celebration of National Kindergarten Day, which honors the birthday of German teacher Friedrich Wilhelm August Frobel, who started the first kindergarten in 1837. Frobel’s contributions laid the foundation for modern education, recognizing that children learn through play and experience.

2021 Budget Newsletter


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Social Media for Mathematicians

Social Media for Mathematicians thumbnail182579

As part of an optional extra credit project, students in Heather Trifiletti’s math classes at James Wilson Young Middle School created mock Instagram accounts for mathematicians throughout history. These “accounts” featured “posts” from the mathematicians’ points-of-view and “comments” by their contemporaries that demonstrate the public response to their work during their lifetimes. The research that went into this assignment gave the students valuable historical context for development of modern mathematics.

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